Product Description

From the Manufacturer

Viking presents their AV50 spotting scope, a lightweight and portable scope that can be easily taken with you wherever you go. Despite its small and compact size the AV50 optically performs extremely well and boasts features that are normally only found in much larger and more expensive scopes. The AV50 offers very good light transmission, resolution and colour contrast giving the user a practical and versatile alternative to a larger and less portable scope.

10x-35x zoom eyepiece
The functional 10x-35x zoom eyepiece
is suitable for most activities


The eyepiece has a zoom mechanism built in, which allows you to zoom up from an initial 10x all the way to a much more powerful 35x magnification. Being able to set your own unique magnification is an excellent function of the scope and ensures that you never miss a subject regardless of how far away it is.

Small but perfectly formed

The key design feature incorporated in the Viking AV50 spotting scope, is its compact and portable size. Weighing in at just 0.45kg and at a length of only 23cm, this spotting scope is one of the lightest and most compact on the market today. As a result, it can be transported with the utmost ease wherever you go and makes an ideal extra to any bird watching field trip. All aspects of the spotting scope have been designed to keep the weight of the device to a minimal. The body is constructed from a lightweight polymer material which is incredibly light but at the same time strong and robust enough to offer good protection for the internal optics. Despite its compact size, the AV50 spotting scope still packs some incredible features, which are normally only found on much bigger and more expensive models.

Easy to use focus wheel
Easy to use focus wheel

Easy to use

The focus wheel is uniquely positioned on the far right hand side, in order for it to be accessible when using the scope with one hand operation (if used in conjunction with the included Grippa case). This design feature again adds to the portability of the device as unlike larger scopes, it is not compulsory to use with a tripod. Furthermore, it also allows for quick deployment when out in the field should you need it at a moments notice.

10x Magnification
Demonstrating the difference between the
naked eye and the 10x magnification

Bright and Clear

Viking has also ensured that the brightness of the image produced is not compromised despite the compact nature of the scope. Inclusion of a 50mm objective lens provides for a very bright and clear image at 10x magnification and can equally produce good levels of brightness even when used at the maximum of 35x magnification. The internal lenses are all fully coated to provide for a good amount of light transmission as well as produce a clear and accurate image. In addition, the AV50 packs all the normal features you would expect to find on a spotting scope of this quality level including a twist down eyecup allowing the use of the scope while wearing spectacles, high quality BAK4 prisms, a dioptre adjuster for fine tune focusing and a fully comprehensive focus wheel to ensure clear and accurate focus.

Comfortable holding strap
Ergonomically placed holding strap makes
it very easy to use and hold the scope


Included within the kit are two different types of cases. The first case included is the Viking Grippa case which is designed to seamlessly wrap around the body of the scope, giving the benefit of protecting the scope while still allowing easy access to key features such as the eyepiece and side focus wheel. It has an innovative built in side strap which allows you to simply slide your hand through and comfortably hold the scope to your eye. This case works much in the same way as a strap on a camcorder but has the added benefit of protecting the body of the scope. The Grippa case is made from high quality Cordura , which is weather/rip proof and extremely strong. Cordura fabric has military grade application and will help to protect the scope in even the most adverse weather conditions. The padded carry case is less functional than the Grippa case but serves a different purpose. It is designed for you to pack the scope away when not in use and thanks to the hard wearing material and internal padding, it provides for a good level of protection.


Due to the compact and lightweight design, the AV50 spotting scope is ideally suited to a large variety of different activities. However, a primary use of the scope has been found to be by bird watchers and nature enthusiast who require a compact and portable scope that still performs well out in the field, which they can simply pack in their hand luggage when travelling. This is a limitation of larger scopes where they require (due to their bulky weight and size) to be packed in the main luggage for transport and consequently can often suffer knocks and damage during transit. Furthermore, the portability of the scope and quick deployment (when used in conjunction with the Grippa case) make it ideal for general use in garden bird watching, observing wildlife on walks or any other rural activity. Other uses include as a starter scope, observation tool, stargazing and astronomy as well as a variety of other pursuits.