What is A+?

A+ is a coding standard and form of richer content which has been adopted by most of the world’s largest e-commerce websites. Through A+ you can transform your product content with longer written descriptions, individual sections with bold headings and explanatory images embedded within the text. The end result is a far more informative "manufacturers description" which should not only entice more customers to buy but also help reduce product returns.

How do you supply your A+ coding?

Once the coding process is complete, we will send through a link to your private company area on our website. On this page you will be able to access test links (to preview the content) and download buttons for all your products. When you click on a download button, it downloads a zip file to your desktop. This zip file can then be submitted to your target website via upload or email.

What happens if we are unhappy with the content we see on your test link?

In any case that you are unhappy, we will of course make any changes necessary based on your feedback.

Do we have to understand html/code in order to purchase A+ off you?

No, we deal with all that on your behalf. At the end of the job, you are supplied with a fully compliant zip drive which you can simply forward on.

What do we need to submit to you for A+ coding or A+ creation?

Please see the requirements column here.

How quickly can you turn A+ jobs around?

We are not only the cheapest but also one of the fastest turn around houses in the world for A+ content. How quickly we can turn a job around depends on its size and how quickly you can submit the required information to us. Please contact us for more precise information.

How will our A+ look live on an ecommerce website?

See example listing here

Can you handle very large A+ jobs?

As large as you can offer, we have no minimums or maximums. Please just contact us for a quote.

Which ecommerce websites allow A+ content for upload?

Most modern websites are integrated for A+ content upload, however the majority of work we do is destined for Amazon platforms as they are the biggest facilitator of this content type. Please contact your target website for more information on their compliancy.

What if our target ecommerce website can't upload your A+ content due to an error?

In all cases where the target website can accommodate A+ content but won't upload it due to a error in the code or compliancy issue then we will of course fix the code (free of charge) in line with the feedback given, even if this takes several attempts.

When doing A+ creation work, do you return samples to us after use?

We are more than happy to return samples to you but require you to cover returns postage.

When do we make payment for the A+ work?

For new customers we will need to take 40% of the agreed job price as a deposit. We will then invoice for the remaining 60% on agreed job completion. For larger jobs we are happy to be flexible on payment terms, please contact us.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept either electronic bank transfer (BACS/CHAPS) or Paypal payment. We do not accept cash or cheque.

Any other questions?

Please just contact us.