About Us
Who are we?

The Richer-Content team are a group of highly skilled copy-writers and programmers who have developed a unique system of efficiently producing high quality content in short time frames. Over the last 5 years we have successfully managed to produce content for:

  • Over 100 different brands.
  • Over 3000 products.
  • 17 different languages.

We all come from different backgrounds in our previous work including advertising, software development and e-commerce, the collective result being a highly experienced and capable team who can create very desirable content, produced in a quick time frame. Members are as follows...

Fred The Chairman!

Fred has worked extensively in the e-commerce sector. The long list of companies that he has spent time at include: Amazon.co.uk and Play.com. He has worked in a varied number of roles from content management to buying. His key interest has always been, however, in the "persuasive arts" as he calls it, or more commonly known as the methods of increasing online conversion......which of course led him on to the concept of Richer-Content. Fred is the member of the team who deals with the customers as well as leads each project and for that reason is known as "the chairman". When not leading, Fred likes to spend his down time weight lifting in the gym.

Danny The Code King!

Danny has also worked in an extensive number of previous companies including Autonomy. He is highly experienced in the development and design of content management systems as these are what he spent most of his time doing while working for the big guys. His key interest is in programming and software development and has earned the title "The Code King". He is the man in charge of all the A+ and HTML coding that takes place on any job. When not coding, Danny likes to spend his down time relaxing with his wife at home.

Mike The Creator!

Mike has spent most of his career so far working in products marketing at various creative agencies including Ogilvy and Mccann Ericsson. He is a trained copy-writer and even took a university degree in it. With years of experience writing copy for many types of products from food to electronics, he is well placed to write desirable copy for any product set. His key area of interest is (of course) in writing product descriptions especially for his favourite category of electronics. When Mike is not writing copy, he is busy engaging in his passion of wind surfing.

Syed Mr Fix It!

Similar to Danny, Syed has spent a large part of his career working for large IT development companies including IBM and CSC. He predominantly experienced in writing HTML5 and CSS scripts. He works in more of a support roll at richer under the careful wing of Danny and thus has become known as "Mr fix it". When Syed is not fixing lines of Danny's code he likes to spend time playing football with friends.