What are the benefits of having better content?

Despite the meteoric growth of e-commerce over the last decade, a key issue that has always remained is the limitation by which a prospective customer can not touch and feel the product that they are browsing. The only proven way to help resolve this issue is to increase and improve the content that is used to display your product online. In doing so you will not only increase your conversion but also lower the likely-hood of returns as your descriptions are more informative.

Richer content such as A+ are fast becoming integral to increasing conversion of any high value items that are listed for sale online. All major e-tailers, especially Amazon, have grown to accommodate A+ and are now even requesting it as standard in submission.

A+ content: A quick overview.
  • Longer and more detailed written descriptions.
  • Thumbnail images (can be enlarged) embedded within the text.
  • Tells a visual story about the product.
  • Specific sections with bold headings for quick reading.
  • 250% Conversion increase in some cases.
7 quick reasons why you should choose us
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